Life In Luxembourg – The Countryside & The People

Life In Luxembourg

If you’re considering relocating to this tiny but perfectly formed little country; here’s some useful information about the countryside and the people.

The Countryside

The first thing you’ll notice when you fly into Luxembourg, is how rural the country really is. Whether you take a taxi or bus to your final destination, you’ll go through lush green fields and tall forests. Regardless of where you live in the country, you’ll only be a couple of minutes drive from nature, the walks and the cycling trails.

The ‘Must See’ areas of Luxembourg are Vianden Castle and Echternacht in the north east. Esch-sur-sure (on the river) and it’s stunning dam in the north west. Remich and the wine regions on the Moselle river in the south east. The beautiful park and gardens around the Mondorf-Les-Bains Domaine Thermal Spa in the south. Finally, over to the south west there’s the second largest town Esch-sur-alzette and the surrounding villages.

If you’re looking to get out and about to explore this beautiful country, is a great resource. Here you can not only find recommendations on places to go and visit, but a full list of what’s on around the country!

The People

The next thing you’ll notice is the people are incredibly friendly here, don’t be shocked when complete strangers of all nationalities say ‘Hello’ as you walk past each other. Any language will do as long as it’s accompanied by a broad smile!

The national language here is Luxembourgish, yes that’s a real language (even though my spell checker hasn’t heard of it!). There are ~660K native Luxembourgers in the country, and in addition to Luxembourgish, most will also speak French, German or both.

In the schools the children are taught these three languages, plus English and Portuguese. It’s common to see the kids hoping on the bus and chatting away in one language, then switching to another as a new kid hops on. For someone that only speaks two, it’s seriously impressive!

If you go into a restaurant you can be spoken to in any of the 3 languages. Panic not though, the waiters and waitresses are extremely adept at recognising your nationality, and switching languages for you (where possible). It certainly makes life easier if you speak either French or German. But, if you don’t, there’s always someone that speaks English in varying degrees on hand to help you out!

Learn More About Luxembourg

Luxembourg Home Finder Homepage

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