Life In Luxembourg – A Few Interesting Facts

Luxembourg Orientation Day

Here’s a few interesting facts about Luxembourg, the Luxembourgers and their traditions.

On the first Friday of every month, a siren will sound. No, we’re not under attack! It’s the government testing the national nuclear emergency early warning signal. You’ll here this at 11am without fail. Should you hear it at any other time, visit this website for more information about what to do next.

If you’re under 40, you’ll be issued with potassium iodide tablets. These are to be taken in the event of a nuclear emergency. For those of us over 40, well enough said!

The Luxembourgish are extremely respectful when it comes to noise pollution. They generally stop any work outside no later than 8pm during the week. They also don’t make noise (or hang washing out) on a Sunday.

Despite Luxembourg being an extremely wealthy country, you won’t see your average Luxembourger flashing their bling. In fact, they actually shy away from being seen to be overly lavish. Watches are subtle, clothes are smart yet casual and unlabeled. Their car (run-around) is likely to be small, cheap and probably French (Renault or Peugeot); or more likely these days, something electric.

There are expensive cars in Luxembourg, but you won’t see them parked at the local supermarket. They’re generally garaged until a sunny day, then taken out to be enjoyed around the beautiful country lanes; or driven to further reaching European weekend destinations.

When you meet a friend or family member it’s normal to kiss 3 times, yep 3 not 2! And for the Spanish, an interesting fact to know, in Luxembourg you start with the right cheek not the left, if you want to avoid that accidental smacker.

When you’re talking with a stranger it’s polite to use Madame, Mademoiselle or Monsieur and the persons surname. It’s only appropriate to use a first name with family, friends and close colleagues.

Christmas in Luxembourg is celebrated on Christmas Eve, with most going to midnight mass, before heading home for a super of black pudding, potatoes and stewed apple.

There is no Santa Clause on Christmas day, the children celebrate Saint Nicolas day on December the 6th. One week before, the children will put their slippers outside the bedroom door and hope for a small gift.

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