Life In Luxembourg – Food and Drink

Food And Drink In Luxembourg

Unsure what to expect when you move to Luxembourg? Good news if you’re a foodie, the residents of Luxembourg love their food and drink!

Restaurants In Luxembourg

If you like dining out, you’re onto a winner here in Luxembourg. Don’t be put off by the size of the country! There are more than 1500 restaurants and cafe’s to be explored, including 8 with Michelin stars.

Dining out is a formal affair here in Luxembourg, and I’m not referring to dress code. Whether it’s Lunch or Dinner, it’s within a fixed window of time, goes on for a couple of hours (or more), and follows a structure.

The food and drink is always of exceptional quality, so while the prices are higher than you would expect to pay in many other European countries, you do get what you pay for.

If you’re living in Luxembourg on a budget, a great way to experience the restaurant scene, is by eating at lunchtime in a restaurant featuring a ‘Menu du Jour’. You still get the option of having the full 3+ courses. However, it’ll either be a set menu that changes each day, or you’ll have the choice of 3 options for each course that will run for a week. You can eat out for as little as 20 Euro (before drinks) like this. Check out to see what’s on where!

Wondering what to wear?

Let’s start with the dress code. There isn’t one, simple! The Luxembourgers are not flashy, they wouldn’t dream of going out for dinner in a 3 piece suit for example. The normal attire for both men and women is a smart pair of jeans or trousers, coupled with a shirt or blouse. You’ll often see the women sporting a pair of smarter trainers rather than heals due to the cobbled streets.

What time should you eat?

If you’re used to being able to eat out at any time you like, you’re out of luck in Luxembourg. There is the odd exception in the city center, or one of our personal fav’s Juegdshlass tucked up in the Bambesch (Bereldange).

There are normally fixed slots for both meals. You can start being seated for lunch between 11:30am and 12 and the restaurant will remain open until about 2:30. Don’t think you can rock up at 1:30 and expect to be welcomed in. You’re more likely to be turned away. Dinner will start from 6:30 or 7:00pm, the restaurant will remain open until about 10pm. The last seating will usually be at 8:30pm.

What to expect in a Luxembourg restaurant

Once you’re seated at your table, the waiter will likely offer you an aperitif. This is a drink (that you pay for) while you’re reading the menu. It’s often a glass of champagne, a martin (not the cocktail kind) or something light like an aperol spritz.

While you’re ordering, you’ll be asked to choose your wine for your meal. There’s usually a sommellier on hand to help out if you’re not up to speed on your french wines. We definitely recommend the carafe’s of house wine, they’re actually really good and you’ll often see others doing the same. The French rose’s are particularly good!

Once you’ve ordered, you may be brought an ‘Amouse Bouche’. This is a very small taster of something from the chef. You don’t pay for this, it’s a demonstration of what’s to come to wet your appetite.

The remaining flow of the meal, you’ll recognise. Bread, Starter (Entre), main (Plat), desert, coffee, digestif. Keep an eye out for the Cafe Gourmand on the desert menu. This is unique to French influenced Europe. It’s a small coffee and 3 or 4 miniature deserts from the menu. It’s great value for money if you fancy something sweet but don’t want a whole desert. Great for sharing too!

What will it cost to eat in a restaurant in Luxembourg?

Be prepared for the bill. As with everything in Luxembourg, food and drink isn’t cheap. A starter can often cost all most as much as a main meal, and a digestif can be double figures. In most restaurants you can expect to pay in excess of 50 euro per person for 3 courses with drinks on top.

If you want to experience one of the the fine dining restaurants around the country, you can expect to pay in excess of 100 Euro per person with drinks on top.

Supermarkets In Luxembourg

There are a number of supermarket chains in Luxembourg where food and drink and other product lines vary dramatically in price from one to another.

At the cheaper end of the spectrum you have Lidl, Aldi and Colruyt. They’re fantastic for your essentials with Lidl offering great fruit, veg and meat. Aldi wine, bread, cakes and healthy snacks. Colruyt is a ‘Must See’ for wine, fizz, beer and spirits. It’s also great for household cleaning products.

The middle range supermarket is Auchan (Jumbo in some countries). This is one of the largest supermarkets, offering everything from local food and drink to electrical goods, garden furniture, sports equipment and car maintenance. There really isn’t anything you can’t get here. It’s also a great place to pick up some of those items you’re craving from home. Don’t miss the amazing fish counter with different deals every day!

At the top end of the spectrum, you have Cactus, Delhaize and Match. You can pay up to 50% more for some products in these stores. That said, the quality of the fresh products, meat, fish, breads, dairy, is exceptional. You do get what you pay for!

If you have the time, it’s definitely worth shopping around. You’ll find each of the supermarkets has some of the things you need at great prices. It takes time but it can honestly save you a fortune. The other option to keep costs down is to hop the border and check out Intermarche in Belgium, Carefour in France or Edeka in Germany. You’ll definitely notice the price differences if the travel cost is worth it.

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