Life In Luxembourg – The Luxembourg Healthcare System

Luxembourg Healthcare

If you’re moving to Luxembourg, you’ll be pleased to hear the Luxembourg healthcare system is one of the best in Europe!

The Luxembourg healthcare system is based on 3 principles, health insurance is compulsory, if you work, you contribute. Everyone can choose their doctor, hospital and specialists. All healthcare providers must deliver their service within the fixed cost.

The Cost Of Luxembourgish Healthcare

If you’re employed in Luxembourg, your employer will normally register you with the CCSS (Centre Commun Securite Sociale). Your healthcare contributions are then deducted from your salary at source.

You will need to obtain a Social Secuity card from the CCSS. To do this you will need to visit them and take along your passport or national ID card, a utility bill or proof of address, proof of employment and proof of residency.

Social security payments, healthcare, insurances and state pension account for approximately 12% of your gross wage. Your contribution in return covers your spouse and childrens healthcare needs. Costs are capped at 5 times the contributions, based on minimum wage.

If you’re unemployed in Luxembourg, you’re still entitled to basic healthcare. Unlike employed people who are automatically registered, you need to do so directly with the CCSS . You also have the option to make voluntary contributions to ensure your spouse and children are covered.

In the event you’re unwell and you need to see a doctor or stay in a hospital, you’ll be expected to pay the total cost. You can then reclaim between 80 and 90% of the cost back, by submitting your receipts to the CNS (Caisse National de Sante).

The Luxembourg healthcare system also entitles you to contributions towards eyesight and dental care services. As with choosing your doctor, check with the provider that they are registered in the scheme so costs can be reclaimed.

Private Healthcare In Luxembourg

Some residents do opt to take out additional coverage with private healthcare insurers. This means the cost of treatment is generally covered by the insurance company, rather than you paying the bill. This doesn’t mean you have ‘Private’ medical cover, this doesn’t really exist in Luxembourg. All the hospitals are public and the specialists available to everyone. You can even make direct appointments with specialists, although waiting lists can be a little long. Given the high quality of the Luxembourg healthcare system, the majority of people are happy to use the public system.

Useful Information About Healthcare In Luxembourg

There’s a wealth of support material available on the site that’s available in English. Here you can learn about your rights and the data that’s held on you. How to access additional support and benefits like women’s healthcare services, maternity cover, accident insurance and end of life care.

If you need medical attention for minor issues after your medical center has closed for the day, there are places called ‘Maisons Medicales’ that you can go to. There are 3 in Luxembourg. You simply call 112 to speak to one of them and they’ll advise how to proceed. These are NOT for medical emergencies, in these situations always go to your local hospital.

There is other great news, critical support services for mental health issues are free. Also, prescriptions, including those for Homeopathy, physiotherapy, even massage can be reimbursed up to 80%.

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